Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rural Life Of Bangladesh

Perhaps in this world of civilization Bangladesh is the only country who fought bravely for her own language in 1971 and then named after her beloved language. Patriotism, bravery, unity are the symbol of this country. From very beginning this country is beautified herself along with her natural scenarios. Still under modern science and technology this country has its own culture and rural life which distinguished herself from other countries.Rural lifestyle is very unique of this country. As being a cultural heritage this country has many individual lifestyle of rural peoples. Many thinkers, poets who are not only locally known but also famous worldwide. Robindranath, Nazrul, Jhosim Udduin and many famous poets expressed their own feelings about rural life and beauty.

 Truly it is just a country of beauty.Bangladesh is a developing country from its day of liberation. It’s economy is not only town centric at present .Agriculture has also a great contribution to it. But the lives of villagers have not yet been in a standard.  Although the rural life is not easy to survive the rural people seem to be happy naturally .They are very cordial. Most of the people of rural areas are deprived from standard convenience . They mainly pass their life by field work and cultivation. They are the farmers and normally they are poor. But they produce foods for towns. They play a vital role for the country. The main food of this country is rice and fish. This land is very fertile. Many seasonal vegetables, fruits which are available during individual season are the great contribution of villagers. Rural economy is mainly based on cultivation. In rural society the rural people keep their own culture in their heart from generation to generation. They keep their own heritage in their soul. Various types of songs, drama are popular among them. Jarigan, Sharigan, Polligiti, Baul-gan, Vhow-aia are among these songs. Lack of proper education, sometimes  they are still  in dark. They have less familiar with satellite television . So they cultivate their own culture and entertained by those. In their own culture they are the host and cast... (In a Continuation... )

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